Chapter 11

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Victoria POV

Mmmm, God, I can still taste that little twerp's blood on my lips.  My throat flares again at the thought of my first taste of human blood in nearly three years.  How did I ever think I could give it up? 

I dodge another cluster of pine trees somewhere in the dense forests of northern California and cringe from the sudden earthy scent of a herd of elk.  How could anyone find that stench appetizing?  I don't have a clue, and I don't give a shit anymore; that lifestyle is not for me.  Trying to keep from making any planned decisions - not wanting to be followed - I run until I feel the need to stop and drink.  

Hurdling over a mountain stream, I pick up speed, getting as far south as I can before I have to kill again.  I know I shouldn't have plucked that skinny little fucker from the gas station while he was filling up his car, but the urge to feed on real blood - human blood - was overwhelming. One second he was setting the latch on the gas nozzle, and the next, I was carrying him like a damn football under my arm to a dark spot behind a nearby dumpster.  I gotta admit, the dumpster came in handy.  Snatch body, drink body, and dump body.  Simple as that.

It's just before midnight when I arrive someplace outside of Fresno and snag some trashed sorority chick heading toward a parking lot.  I approach her swiftly, flinging her into her car the moment she manages to open the door, and drain her instantly.  Her blood is sweet, probably a combination of the fruity mixers and alcohol.  Once she's cold and limp, I shove her into the passenger seat and rip the keys from her hand.  Taking a few side streets, I manage to find a fairly long stretch of dark, unoccupied road and pull her body over to the driver's side and wedge her lifeless foot on the accelerator.  I hop out of the car and watch with rapt attention as it careens down the desolate road.  It picks up speed until it hits a dip in the asphalt, veers off the road, hits several trees, and flips over into a ravine, exploding on impact.

Fuck yeah!  That was awesome!

Exhilarated by the recent feed and the fantastic grande finale, I continue my journey and sprint southeast.  Crossing into Nevada, the moon is bright in the desert, and my skin glows a bright white.  It's a strange sight for human eyes to witness a practically illuminating creature darting across the rocky terrain.  There's not much cover, and I don't want to hide out in Vegas until night fall again, so I decide to push further east.

Just as the sun begins to rise in the sky, I make it to Phoenix.  I make a stop at a shopping mall, not by choice, but by necessity.  My clothes are tattered from catching on the foliage, and I need a place to quench my thirst.  After I've changed my clothes and fed on a delicious little old man in the parking garage, I continue on my travels toward Texas.

It's a little after noon when I zip through the mountain area east of the city. Deer, elk, bear, wild boar, and a few other musky scents fill my lungs, but nothing stirs up my appetite like the sight before me.  A human male, hiking alone in the forest, talking into a short range radio.  He's got a nice body, wicked hair, and his voice is seductive even as he's yelling into the receiver.  Hot damn. 

I leap into a tree and watch as he climbs through the underbrush, steps over logs, and then stops along the perimeter of a small meadow.  His radio startles two deer and he curses as they scamper away into the forest.  The wind changes and his scent carries up to the canopy.  Oh, God, it's divine.  Venom floods my mouth, but I swallow it down, not wanting to feed on this sexy creature.  I grip the trunk of the tree tighter as he enters into the small pasture and palms himself while he stares at some rocks.  His heart rate picks up and the bulge in his pants thickens.  Mmm... is my big boy an exhibitionist?  He's a little kinky, gorgeous, and sexy as hell.  He's perfect.

He turns and heads down the hill, and I watch him disappear into the forest.  I sit among the tree tops for hours... contemplating, planning, scheming.  Could I handle a newborn vampire?  Yes, I think so.  Could I sink my teeth into his tender flesh and not drain his body of all its blood?  Maybe.  I've never changed anyone before.  Could I just run the other way and never look back?  No... He's just too perfect for me.  

With a tentative plan in my head, I head north to a tiny podunk town and devour the first poor, lonely fucker I can find.  I burst through his back door and pounce onto his lap before he even registers any movement.  I smile brightly at his confused face, teasing him about the network news channel he's watching, and then latch my teeth to his neck and gulp.  He doesn't have time to make a sound.

After my meal, I head back to the woods, capture my darling boy's scent, and follow it to a small cabin.  There are three distinct heartbeats inside, and I wonder if there are a few more young men, like him, in there.  I'm sure I could dazzle them into a fantastic orgy.  God, it's been years since I've seduced a human... and never three at one time.  

Unfortunately, through my eavesdropping, I discover that he's here with his parents, and so I perch in a nearby tree, waiting until the whole family goes to bed.  I haven't made any decisions on what I plan to do.  Change him?  Or not change him?  Kill him? Or not kill him?  Finally frustrated with indecision, I hop off the branch, landing softly on the ground, and assess the property: there's a black minivan parked along the side of the cabin, a book and a hammock tucked under a tall pine tree, and a couple of fishing poles leaning against the front porch railing.  I try the handle on the door - not that that would keep me out - but I'm surprise to find it unlocked.   

Inside, the delicious aroma of the three occupants infiltrates my nose and the venom rushes into my mouth, forcing me to swallow several times.  I find the parents' bedroom first, their bodies cuddled against one another.  As I turn down the hall toward the boy's room, I detect a slightly sweet scent wafting from inside his room.  It's not strong enough to indicate another person is with him, but it's noticeable enough that there must be a lot of items carrying the smell with it.  Inside, I find my sweetheart sleeping, snuggling his pillow.  Yes, the sugary scent is very strong in this room and all around him. It's definitely human.

I lean over my darling's sleeping form, run my fingers gently through his hair, and whisper, "Oh, so lovely."  I know instantly that I will change him... for me.  He will be mine.

He moves his head toward me slightly and I get a better glimpse of his beautiful face. "Whaddya say, handsome?  Wanna come home with me?"  I giggle at his unconscious, confused expression.

"Who are you?" he mumbles.

"Me?  Well, I'm your creator, sweetness, and you'll be my mate."

"You...absurd.  Bella is...mine...nothing you can do...married...couple weeks." He's fucking adorable, arguing with me in his sleep.  And who the fuck is this Bella?! 

"You're wrong, baby," I coo, trailing my finger down his neck and chest, hooking into the waistband of his shorts, and pulling him against my body. "You belong to me." 

It's now or never, Victoria, I tell myself.  I panic for a brief second, unsure whether I have the willpower to not drain him completely.  Then a thought hits me. 

Yes!  Perfect!

I bolt into the parents' room and pounce onto the bed, exhilarated by my strike of brilliance.  I laugh maniacally as the adults shriek in surprise, horror, pain... fuck, I don't really care why they scream.  I need to satisfy my thirst immediately before I attempt to transform my precious boy.  I tear savagely into the neck of one of them, gulping against the pulsing arteries.  My nails slice through the flesh of the other, simultaneously, desperately needing more blood to quelch my frenzy. 

Once my body feels sloshy from all the blood and my hunting instincts have calmed, I stand and turn toward the dresser, glancing at myself in the mirror.  Gah! I'm a damned mess!  I straighten my shirt and wipe the blood off my face with a blanket from the bed.

I can hear my sweet one's heartbeat getting louder and faster as he's walking closer to the room.  Swinging open the door, I meet him in the hallway and grab him by the throat. "Where do you think you're going?" 

He wrestles against my grip, but I hold him tightly enough to keep him from struggling.  "Wha-Wh-..."

"Shh... No questions yet, darling. There will be plenty of time for that later."  I smile gently at him, trying not to scare him too much - not that it would really matter.  He grips onto the doorjamb as we make it into his room, wiggling and thrashing to get out of my grasp.  I let go of him, but his feet manage to lose ground and he nearly falls to the floor.  At vampire speed, I catch him in my arms.

"I wouldn't let you fall, hon.  I won't let anything hurt you... for all eternity," I chuckle to myself.  He scrambles to get away from me, but I pull him closer and the scent of his blood is almost overwhelming.  Almost as much as my desire for him.  Frustrated with my warring emotions, I growl and toss him onto his bed and climb on top to sit on his thighs.  He claws at me, trying to push me off of him, smacking at my hands. "Don't try to fight me, sugar.  You will only hurt yourself."  I gather his wrists in one hand and raise them above his head on the pillow.  Leaning down, I take one long, tortuous whiff of this glorious human male before he's forever changed... for me.  I place a few light kisses against his lips, reveling in the warmth and softness of them - committing them to memory.  God, he feels so good under me.

He wrenches his face away from mine, and I sit up, annoyed. "I told you not to fight me, boy."  I scoot down further to cup his cock in my hand and snarl, "I'll take what's mine, if you won't give it up willingly.  You'll end up like your parents if you can't behave."

"MOOOOOM!!  DAAAAAD!!" he screams.

"Don't waste your breath.  They were collateral damage." I shrug. "Well, actually, they were kind of like my appetizer... so I wouldn't kill you, baby." 

"Who the fuck are you?" he roars, struggling under my grasp.

"I told you who I am, but you don't have to worry about any specifics for a few days, sweetpea."  I grind myself against him, excited about the incredible pleasure he'll give me once he's transformed. "You'll be my mate, and we will have all the time in the world for talking and, uhh, other things."

"What are you?" he croaks, tears forming in his beautiful eyes.

I lean toward his ear and whisper seductively, "I'm a vampire, baby, but you can call me Victoria."

His face and eyes snap to mine, gauging if I'm telling him the truth.  Yes, I am, my lovely. "What's your name, handsome?"


"Hmmm, I like it, Edward." I stare into his eyes and blow the air from my lungs across his face.  His features relax slightly and I smile at the ease to dazzle humans.  They are so fucking weak.  "So... We are going to play a little game, Edward.  Do you like games?" 

His unfocused eyes shift and he quietly whispers, "Yes."

"Good!  Let's start with I Spy.  Did you like to play I Spy when you were little?"


"Hmmm, me too.  I'll go first." He nods his head. "I spy something... blue."  His eyes glance around the room and he calls out various items: a shirt, a blanket, a picture on the wall. "No, those aren't it.  Let's try again.  I spy something blue and... delicious."  He looks up at me in confusion and shrugs his shoulders.

"I don't know, Victoria."  Mmmm, the sound of his voice saying my name has me all kinds of horny and the venom flowing.

"Wanna know what it is?"  He nods his head yes, staring blankly into my eyes.  "It's this vein, right... here..." and I sink my teeth into his flesh, infiltrating the venom into his body.  I automatically take two huge pulls of blood, but I yank my head away from him quickly and hold my breath, trying to reign in my urge to feed.  Once I control myself, I lick the wound to seal it.  I sit up and take a moment to savor his delicious taste.

Now, I wait.

I sit beside him on the bed for hours, listening to him scream, beg for someone to help him, and cry from the pain.  He keeps yelling for this Bella person -- calling out her name, telling her that he loves her -- and I'm getting pissed.  He will love no one but me.  I am his maker, and I will make him love me.

By his second day of transition, his wails have quieted.  His breathing is rapid, and I watch as his legs and arms convulse from the venom destroying his living cells.  I'm making this man into an immortal creature, giving him eternal life.   It may be sadistic, but it's a beautiful thing to behold.

At the end of the day, I get the overwhelming sense of possible danger.  Someone is tracking me, hunting me.  I need to protect my soon-to-be mate, but I'm not one for confrontation.  I'd rather not lure any nomads near my human, so I have to leave.  Now.

Kissing Edward on the forehead, I whisper, "I'll be back very soon, my lovely."  I tear through the cabin and escape through the patio door in the parents' room.  Heading further into the mountains, I run in random directions, trying to evade the tracker.  I arrive in a small town and take refuge in an all-night diner for a few hours.  I need to get back to Edward before he wakes up. 

By the time the sun starts to rise again, I zig zag through the forest as I sprint back toward the cabin.  There's no scent of a nomad anywhere along the way.  I slow to a walk as I approach the property, happy that I've successfully deflected the hunter when I notice something missing.

I can't hear Edward's heartbeat.

I should be able to still hear his blood pumping through his veins from several yards away, but I only hear the air whooshing through the trees.  Is his transition complete already?  I smile at the thought. "Edward!" I call, practically skipping up the front porch steps. "EDWARD!"

And that's when I smell them... "Fucking CULLENS!!"


After the Cullens kidnapped my mate, I tried to track them by scent, but I'm not very good at it; I lost the trail by the next day.  I returned to the cabin to contemplate my next plan to search for them, but found it completely surrounded by the police and one very familiar scent.  One that made venom flood my mouth and my muscles tense to attack.  I watched from my perch on a nearby branch as this little bitch stumbled in Edward's room, rummaged through his belongings, and then packed them into their vehicle.   

Oh, hell no.  That's my man's stuff.

For half a second, I contemplated annihilating the entire law enforcement crew at the scene, including the little cunt who was crying her eyes out in the backseat of a truck, but then I got this kickass idea.   If I followed that little twit -- Bella I assumed -- she could have eventually led me to Edward.  He may have wanted to go back to find her, even if he couldn't be close to her yet.  He would, though, in time.  The fucking Cullens would see to it that he lived and thrived around humans without feeding on them.  Damn them and their unnatural willpower.   

I followed them down the mountain, and then as they headed out on the highway.  Wanting to get a better look at this little bitch, I threw a tree limb in the truck's path.  I watched as she argued with the guy and then climbed on some rocks near the tree line.  God, I could have snatched her up and drained her skinny ass, but that would have defeated my purpose.  I needed live bait to lure Edward back to me. 

I chased their truck back to the suburbs of Phoenix and located the quaint house easily, and considered it my base camp.   

So, now I've been monitoring this little tart, off and on, for nearly four years.  Wanting to keep inconspicuous, I roam all over the Southwest and check in on Bella from time to time. 

I watch as she travels to and from college and from her little, piddly job at a cafe.  I take note of her friends and her family living in the houses next door.  And I notice that little pissant, Riley, as he starts to covet her.  Their little friendship blossoms into a sweet romance over several months, and due to my peeping, I witness more that I care to see.

A part of me is happy as hell that she's finally over my darling Edward, but I see that she still cries from time to time.  She never takes off that damn necklace or ring.  That's got to annoy the shit out of Riley.  But the other part of me is angry that apparently she and Edward had a special relationship.  He wanted to marry her.  No!  He's mine!, I snarl to myself. Finders keepers, bitch!

But after a while, I notice someone else - someone vying for Miss Swan's attention.  He's got a beautiful body, sandy blond hair, and a deviantly sexy smile.  But he doesn't have the goo-goo eyes for that little cunt.  No... no he's sickly obsessed.  I notice him stalking her at work and at school.  He tracks down her address and drives past her house several times a week. Sometimes he sits at the end of the street and watches her out in the garden, then goes to the other side of town and picks up a prostitute.  He doesn't settle for a quickie blow job in the car either.  No, James -or Jay as he likes to be called- is a sadistic fucker.  He beats and rapes the whores, then kicks them to the curb, cursing at them as if they were Bella.

"Shut the fuck up, Bella!  You know you want this, so quit teasing me!" he'd yell as he held their arms behind their backs, bending them over a dirty garbage can in an alley and fucking them.  The hookers would cry, begging for James to release them.  He'd slap them hard and shove them to the ground. "That's what you get for stringing me along, bitch."

God, he'd make a wicked vampire.  That gives me an idea...

I'm tired of waiting for Edward to return to Phoenix to find Bella; it's been four years already.  The fucking Cullens probably have him on restriction or some bullshit.  Maybe he never loved her enough to come back for her and has left his previous life behind completely.  Ha!  That would be a sweet surprise. Regardless, finding Edward is my priority, so I proceed with my plan. 

I follow James.  

One night, he tracks Bella and her friend to a night club.  He watches Bella sipping a cocktail and swaying her body on the dance floor.  Tensing his body every time a man gets too close to her, he finally decides to approach her, and wraps his arm around her gyrating hips.  She rudely turns him down, and I smirk to myself as his face goes from blissed to pissed in a second.  Bad move, you stupid twat. 

Quickly, Bella and her friend leave the dance floor and scramble to the safety of the booth with their other friends.  James is fucking livid, and it's a riot to watch as his nostrils flare and his gaze locks onto Bella as she scampers away.  Oh, this will be so much fun!

I hear one of the male friends in the booth ask Bella where Riley is, and she says he's at home.  Hmmm... I do need to be fed before I approach James, I think to myself.  Without a second thought, I slide out of the emergency door and dart to Riley's apartment.

I've been to the complex before, having followed Bella's scent there several times.  I breeze up to the third floor apartment and knock gently on the door.  A moment later, I hear his feet shuffling across the floor and then the door cracks open.

"Can I help you?" he asks, his voice raspy.

"Yes, you can, Riley," I reply sweetly before jutting my arm out and grasping his neck tightly with my hand.  He grunts and struggles to breathe as I push my way inside, his feet trying to find purchase on the floor. "You're cute."

He doesn't reply, but instead, he claws at my arms, trying to get me to release him.  Fat chance, buttercup.  I glance down at his body, noticing the quickly fading erection from inside his boxers.  The television flickers and my attention is drawn to the image of two women in a rather compromising position. 

"Oh, you are a dirty boy, aren't you?" I smirk, nodding to the flat screen on the wall.  Again he doesn't reply, but I decide to tease him. "So, you like to watch porn, huh?  I like that, Riley.  I like a man who's a bit freaky.  Does your darling Bella get freaky with you?  She likes to suck your cock, doesn't she?  I bet that little tart's not any good at it."  He stares at me, still struggling to breathe.  I toss him onto the sofa and rip his shorts from his body.

"No, please! Stop!" he begs, his eyes wide in fear and his heart pounding. 

"Why would I stop, now?  I thought we were having fun?"  I poke my bottom lip out into a mock pout.

"Please!  Just don't hurt me!" he pleads again, his entire body trembling.

"I promise you, Riley... You won't feel a thing."

I pounce on him like as a mountain lion would a hare and gorge myself on the blood spewing from his carotid.  When he's completely drained, I drop his lifeless body down onto the bed, leaving him naked and exposed for the cops to find him.

I return to the club, easily finding Bella and her friends still in their booth.  James is hiding out in the corner across the bar, pounding a beer, his hollow eyes staring angrily at Bella.  I decide to go in for the, err, kill.  Ha!

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" I say, sliding out the barstool next to him.  He doesn't reply, but shakes his head 'no'.  I sit quietly for a few moments, pretending to sip on a beer.  Finally, I lean closer to James, whispering how badly I want to dance with him.  My breath fans across his face, and I smile as his eyes begin to glaze over.  He finishes his drink, grabs my hand, and leads me to the dance floor.  He doesn't flinch at the hardness and temperature of my skin, so I know he's either half blitzed or barely registering me because of his obsession with Bella.  Personally, I hope it's the latter.  It will make this game a lot more fun.

We plant ourselves in the center of the dance floor and I shamelessly position my ass right up against the front of his pants and run my hands up into his hair.  I turn my face toward his and smile to myself as I catch his eyes glaring in the direction of the little bitch and her friends.  Then he growls.

"What's the problem, sugar?  Someone stole your girl?" I coo, lightly skimming my fingers down his cheek.



James spun me around and snarled, "She's not my girl."

"Oh! I see some fire in those eyes of yours.  You want her badly." He doesn't say anything, but instead he wraps his arm around my waist and grinds his manhood against me.  "Maybe I can help you out."

"Whatever.  I don't give a shit anymore."  He leans his face down and kisses my neck, trying to convince himself, and me, that he doesn't want her.  I'm not an idiot.

"I don't believe you."  He scoffs, but I continue. "What if I said I knew how to get the woman you want?"  He squeezes me tighter and I can see his eyes flicker up to where Bella is sitting.

"Well, I'm dancing with you, aren't I?  What if I'm already over her?"

I chuckle. "We'll see about that, baby." I release my breath across his face again, entrancing him with my vampy-powers. "Why don't we go back to your place and we can figure out how to win your girlfriend back?"

He glances toward that little cunt again and then back to me. "How about I take you back to my place and fuck you until I can't remember her name?"

"Mmm, now you're speaking my language, sugar. Let's go."

I hook my finger through his belt loop as he leads me through the crowded bar and toward the exit.  The throngs of tasty, sweaty humans packed around me makes it difficult to keep my control, but I swallow several times to keep the venom from pooling in my mouth.  I could gorge myself in here - I probably should.  Hopefully, the blood from that little scrawny assed kid, Riley, will be enough to keep me from killing him.  Maybe Jay and I will do that once he's transformed.  He looks like he'll be a fucking handful to tame, but I know I can handle it.  I'll keep him occupied, I giggle to myself.  Just need to figure a way to ditch him once we find Edward.

We arrive at his tiny apartment a short distance from the night club.  The air is stale and there is the distinct, musky odor of sweat, spoiled food, and dried beer.  Typical bachelor pad.  He offers me a beer as he glances in the empty fridge.  I decline, of course. He waves his hand toward the living room, encouraging me to take a seat.  I slowly make my way toward the oversized bean bag chair near the window, giving him the dingy loveseat.  As I make myself to appear comfortable, he watches me intently, a calculating stare on his face.  I pretend to be oblivious to his wicked scheming.  I've watched him in action with the whores, so I know what he's contemplating.  

After a couple of minutes, he mumbles, "I'm tired of this coy bullshit."  A human wouldn't have been able to hear him from my spot, but it was loud and clear to my vampire ears.  James stands up quickly from the couch and places his beer on the coffee table.  He steps around to stand in front of me, his muscles flexing and tensing in anticipation.  I look up into his eyes with my most innocent, doe-eyed expression.

"So, are you going to help me forget that girl, or not?" 

"Oh, of course."  I look up into his eyes and mentally jump up and down in excitement at the hidden wickedness behind them.  Yes, he will be a force to be reckoned with as a vampire.  I smile and reach out to unbutton his jeans and slide the zipper down.  His groin is eye level with me sitting on the bean bag, so I sit up straight and pull his jeans and boxers down just below his hips.  He hisses as my cold hands grasp his erection, but in a flash, I wrap my lips around him and lift my eyes to look at his face. 

"Ah, shit! So good..." he whispers, placing a hand on the back of my head, guiding me.

I let him build up speed, fucking my mouth harder and deeper with each thrust, until his cock is so fully engorged with blood that I can't control my urge to kill much longer.  At vampire speed, I grab his hips and fling him down onto the floor.  I straddle his body and stifle a laugh at his confused expression.

"What the-?"

"I want to be riding you when you cum, baby, not sucking you off."  This seems to take a second too long for him to process, and he just looks at me like I've just spoken a foreign language.  I hike up my dress further and position him at my entrance and revel in the warmth of his body sliding into my cold one.

"Oh, fuck..."

"That's right, fuck me."  He seems to come back to his senses and we begin to move together - him gripping my breasts and me reclining back with my hands above his knees.  I grind my body hard into him until his heart rate and breaths are erratic and his body clenches in ecstasy.

"Jesus, woman, you are incredible."

"You have no idea the things my body can do, baby."

"Don't call me 'baby'. My name is James, or Jay."

"Okay, I like James," I say as I lean forward to bring my lips to hover above his. "How about we switch things up a little bit?" 

He furrows his brows and asks, "What do you mean?"

"Have you ever played I Spy?"


It's been nearly six months since James' transformation.  When he woke up, he was confused, but seemed to accept his new 'life'.  He felt it suited him, and I had to agree.  We hung around Phoenix for a few weeks until his family started posting notices about his disappearance.  I took him to Texas, and introduced him to an old friend, Maria.  She's been able to help him balance his new strengths and urges - he's pretty unruly at times, and especially careless with his dining selections.  I take a couple of side trips back to Arizona to keep an eye on Bella, but as James is calming and able to control his instincts, I spend more time with them in Texas.  Not like that little bitch is going anywhere anytime soon.

James, Maria, and I travel around the southern Midwest for a few more months, working on James' tracking skills and interacting with humans.  Once he has proven his ability to hone in on a specific scent over long ranges, he and I return to Phoenix one evening for two purposes: one, so he can have his fun with his little tart, and two, so he can start to track my Edward.  But that's where we run into a problem... his tart is gone.


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