Emancipation Proclamation - Chapter 64 - Wisdom

I love how kharizzmatik switches up the POVs... I was expecting this chapter to be in Bella's POV, but instead it's Carlisle's. I loved hearing the history between Carlisle and Elizabeth. Put a whole new spin on this story. Elizabeth was a slave?!!? Say wha-? This story never ceases to amaze me.

Late Night Encounters - by kyla713 Chapter 8 Anxiety

This chapter fast forwarded really quickly. I wasn't expecting them to actually meet in this chapter... maybe a few more in between his invitation to NYC and them actually meeting, but it makes me "anxious" to see what happens now that they are seeing each other in person. *Silently praying for steamy smexy-times ahead*

Emancipation Proclamation - by kharizzmatik - Chapter 63 Liberation & Destruction

OMG OMG OMG This is one fucked up chapter. Poor Renee... so desparate to end her suffering... Alec. *tsk tsk* He is one crazy mo-fo. I don't know how he can sleep at night!! Aaaaand that's all I'm going to say about it. If you haven't read it yet, then shame on YOU!! *shakes finger at you*

I Know You - by hmonster4 Chapter 8 Out of My Hands

updated 12/22/09
I remember when hmonster4 wrote this for the Darkward contest. I sent her a review, begging and pleading for her to turn this into a multi-chapter fic. Of course, I wasn't the only one! This is an awesome story...complete with yummy sexy-times and emotional manipulations... and I just fucking LOVE it! This chapter is Edward's POV when he goes back to Seattle to get Cujo. He gets a little emo, but thanks to Alice's visions, Edward sees all will work out and be puppies and rainbows in the future. I adore all the love/hate feelings that Bella is dealing with. Such a great story!

Late Night Encounters - by kyla713 Chapter 7 - Not Backup

updated 12/11/09
OMFG! I started this story last night and couldn't put it down. It's hot fuckhawt! A little sexting, phone sex, then Webcamward stroking himself...Unngghh!! Toss in a little Caveward and you've got yourself a winner...and a soggy pair of panties.
If you haven't started reading this, you are missing out.

The Blessing and The Curse - by The Black Arrow

updated 12/18
God, this story rocks! Of course, that's after you are completely annoyed with Bella's emotions. Just dump Mike and move on to Edward! (You know you want to!) I thought it was a total dick move of Mike to show up after he noticed the funeral home vehicle. If I were Edward, I would have punched him in the taint - which was probably close to what Edward wanted to do anyway. I can't believe he agreed to stay at the Cullen house. Fuckin' prick. Then again, Edward's wickedness started pounding on the flood gates. Next chapter...the levy will break. God I freakin' hope so. I lurve me some Darkward.

Anywhere But Here - by Juliebly

updated 12/17
FINALLY! Edward has been found, but is whacked out of his fuckin' head. Poor doe-eyed Bella is afraid of him, but that doesn't stop her. ('Atta girl! Nothing would stop me either!) It's going to be fucking torture, waiting for the next update. I hope to hear some grovelling on Edward's part and maybe some bitch-slappin' from Bella because of his jackassery with the drugs. I can't help it. This REALLY is a great story. If you are not reading it...you should. Go! NOW!

Emancipation Proclamation - by kharizzmatik CHAPTER 62 - Life Alteration

updated 12/18
Holy. Shit. I cried...happy tears and sad tears. This chapter made me feel like I was given a cookie, then kicked in the colon. What a total mindfuck.

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